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PMDDWind Turbine Platform

GW 2.5MW

Turbine Structure

  • Blade
  • Hub
  • Pitch control system
  • Generator
  • Generator heat dissipation system (heat exchanger)
  • Wind measurement system
  • Yaw system
  • Base
  • Hoist
  • Main bearing

Turbine Features

  • Lightweight Design
    Compact overall turbine design.
    It is small, lightweight, and convenient to transport and hoist.
  • Higher Efficiency
    It uses a permanent magnet synchronous generator to avoid excitation loss and achieve increased efficiency.
    It provides a wide speed-adjustment range for superior performance in low-wind conditions.
  • Higher Reliability
    The gearbox-free design frees you of the worry of gearbox failure during the turbine's service life.
    The generator adopts a single-bearing support design and a simple structure.
  • Lower O&M Costs
    The product has a high generator protection grade and good environmental adaptability.
    The low maintenance toothed belt pitch system design helps reduce the lubrication and maintenance costs of pitch control gears.
    There is no generator slip ring or carbon brush maintenance.
    With the gearbox-free design, there is no need to inspect or replace gearbox oil.
  • Superior grid connection performance
    It has strong low-voltage ride-through capabilities and possesses zero voltage ride-through capability.
    The turbine comes with reactive power output, reducing the investment in centralized reactive power compensation.

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